Thursday, August 27, 2009

I ♥ baking

Even though I am not very good at it, or don't do it very often, I like baking foods. In the paper the other day I found a recipe for Blueberry cream cheese pound cake. It looked and sounded delish. It was really easy to make and even more fun to eat. We all enjoyed it in the Bowman house! Brody was a little to protective of his food, whenever I tried to take a bite of his slice he would say "heeeeyyyy" .

Brody taking a break from working to have a mid-day snacky snack



Saturday was my nephew's 7th birthday party. It was a fun filled evening with fancy home made castle and storm trooper cakes, yummy BBQ and fun conversation !
Brody's first time to hit a piñata

That's hot...
Don't mind if I do.


Just us! said...

Sounds yummy! Your son looks so adorable eating behind the chalkboard, protecting his food from you. LOL

lidia said...

Man, he is so cute, and growing.little brody is so lucky to have so many cousings close by. Ms. Yvette that bread looks delicious......I want the you......

smithsmiles said...

The cake looked yummy! You can call us if you need someone to taste test!

Isaura said...

HAHA yeah, he prob was protecting his bread from you. He's so cute, a boy after my own heart...loves to eat sweets. i could eat baked goods all day long. that bluberry bread looks awesome!
I like how brody is REPRESENTIN" TEn OVER! He looks cute in his little surf shirt.

Steve and Ismari said...

Hello! Recipe please!!! That looks awesome Yvette. I want to try it.

Brad you are a beef cake!

Brody I love your cool Ten Over shirt! You are such a big boy! I miss you!

Love you guyz - Ismari

p.s. you just made me really hungry for a treat or somethin'. :)

Janna said...

the blueberry bread/cake looks really yummy. I just threw out a bunch of blueberries like an hour before i read this. i totally could have cooked with them, but wouldn't have eaten them straight out of the carton. :(

RUBEN said...

is that low fat, no trans fat cream cheese blueberry cake?