Friday, September 18, 2009

Picasso and his muse

We decided to break out our paints yesterday and paint some pictures outside. Of course Sampson had to come be depressed next to us, so to cheer him up Brody painted his nails. What a nice guy!

Brody is very particular when it comes to his drawings. If I try to color on the same paper or add onto his pictures he gets sooo mad and will throw the paper or scribble really hard all over it and mess it up! he is such a brad, I mean brat;) This week he started to draw 'big trucks". One night it was zig-zags and a circle and the next day he added tires to the zig-zag circle, and now he is adding a circle inside the truck whick I think is the window! who knows. I PROMISE I DIDN'T HELP HIM DRAW THESE PICTURES. My sister and I were laughing bc a couple months ago there was this really young girl who was doing these amazing oil paintings, and she was on all these morning and talk shows. Come to find out her dad was 'coaching' her on the pictures. cheater! We were joking that it would be Brad and I in a few years...Big Truck IBig Truck II
Brody dumped out all of his markers and put his bin over his head. I guess it was his thinking cap for his next piece of art!

RANDOM PICTURE: we went to HancockFabrics one evening and I guess Brody was ready for bed bc he found some fleece fabric and layed down and started singing his night night songs ;)


Steve and Ismari said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him drawing in his diaper! Isaac use to draw without pants all the time, too.

Please blow up the picture of Sampson's paw and Brody's hand and put it somewhere....I love it sooo much. You can see Brody's fat rolls in the picture as he paints Sampson's toe nails! They are the sweetest pair!

I love your trucks Brody!

Tia Ismari

lidia said...

T R U C K I T I S A M A Z I N G He is so smart.........I love his truck...........I bet he was laughing when Samson saw all his colored paws.......Good Jpb Mr. you tootie...(that is what Brody calls me tootie)

Elizabeth said...

Oh MY! I LOVE the thinking cap and those pictures really are amazing! Please come visit me ASAP!

Janna said...

Brody draws better than I do - no joke! That's amazing!

The bucket on his head had me laughing out loud.

And you know you are tired when you lay down in the middle of a store and start singing to yourself! :) haha!

Jen said...

That is amazing! He is the funniest little boy. He and Andrew are going to have a blast in nursery terrorizing all the older kids.

Isaura said...

i love this little guy. and i love his thinking cap!! HAHA "he's such a brad, i mean brat"
that was a good one.
see you guys soon.

Jennie's bunch said...

What a talented boy!! I love the thinking cap!!! What a patient dog!! We have one of those too!:)

RUBEN said...

he is so cute. we miss him. hey brody can we come and spank you cause your so cute