Friday, October 2, 2009


Two weeks ago for Family Home Evening we decided to get Brody a pet fish. Now no offense to you fish lovers and owners out there, but I don't like fish. I think they stink and are gross and I only like them in a frying pan or on top of a bed of rice! I really didn't want to get him one because I knew I would have to take care of them, and the thought of cleaning out a fish bowl grosses me out. Brad wanted to get an actual aquarium with a filter so I didn't have to worry about that, but 1. I have no place for an aquarium and 2. an aquarium is more permanent and I didn't want to replace any dead fish, the faster they die the faster I can put the bowl away for good. Anyway we ended up getting three fish and Brody thought they were pretty cool. He likes to watch me feed them what he calls cereal, but smells like fish booty. So far two of the three have lasted. A couple days later one died and I had to clean out the bowl (gross) and flush him to fishy heaven! I wasn't even thinking while I was doing this bc Brody was in the bath and he watched me dump the fish and dirty water down the toilet and he stood up from his bath and said : "uh-oh mama, fish..., uh-oh, fish"...ooops... I hope when he grows up de doesn't turn out dysfunctional and blame it on watching me flush his fish down the toilet when he was 20 mos. old AGH!
P.S. I have to clean out the stupid bowl every day!!!!!! so don't get a fish bowl if you don't like fish ;)
HMM, Which fish do I want?
This looks like a good price

Watching them eat thier "cereal"
Mom, do fish usually sleep on their sides?

¡Ciaosito! dead fish


Isaura said...

hehe "do fish sleep on their sides"
little brody is so cute. that's cute that he noticed you flushing his poor little fish down the toilet. i dare you to put one in his bath and see what he does :)

Janna said...

i don't blame you for just waiting for them to die. :S brody won't remember that he even had fish in a year!

Just us! said...

I am not a big fan of fish myself. I had to watch someones fish while they were out of town. Not my favorite. I dont think he will remember that he had a fish as he gets older.

Steve and Ismari said...

Is their a Celestial Kingdom for fish!? I'm sure there is Brody...don't worry! I love your eyes as you are choosing your fish! You were having FUN weren't you little guy!!!!!!!!

We had to do that too when Isaac had it's first fish! But Chiefy loved it, too! Boys and their treasures!!!! We love you BroBro!!!!

lidia said...

Ms. Yvette! you are so mean.....let him have his fish...look at hi sweet eyes, and smile.......LET HIM HAVE HIS FISH.......YOU GUYS ALSO HAD A GOLD FISH...THEY ARE CUTE.........

RUBEN said...

you thought you knew drama before? Wait till you have to go on vacation and have to give it to someone to take care of. Simon would scream bloOdy murder when we did that. He thought Alicia's sisters were stealing his fish and they would have to come back when he was asleep. i bet Brody will be just as cool with it hehehehe get ready BUDDY!