Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friends and a vacation!

After the new year us and 8 of our friends went on a cruise to Mexico. It was alot of fun to hang around with our friends, LAUGH ALOT, eat ALOT, play around and just chill! We are definatly cruise and vacationed out for a while and its nice to be home even though its cold now, but I am sure in a couple of months we will want another vacation ;)
Kelly and I sacrificing eachother on the fertility temple

Birthday girl Natalia

Brad and Josh enjoying the Mexican cuisine
some of us at the ruins that some were sure was a government conspiracy

Thunder thigh sand angel...
all of us at dinner


Elizabeth said...

"I want to go to there."

The sand, the water...totally wishing upon a star now.

Isaura said...

HAHAHA I literally LOL at the "thunder thigh sand angel"
looks so fun! when you guys 'gonna buy stock in cruise ships ;) love u and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

RUBEN said...

Brad should see if they need landscaping on the cruise ships that way you guys can live there.

see any somalian pirates?

Janna said...

Oh, man do I miss the Carribean right about now! The water looks beautiful. Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas and New Years & a fun vacation. We're glad you're back though!

lidia said...

Well, sure looks like fun...........fancy dinners and all, the sand is lovely and you

Jennie's bunch said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun!! Welcome home! :)

Steve and Ismari said...

Glad you guys had a blast together and with your friends. You are both such hard workers and deserve a fun GETAWAY!!!!!!!!

Love you! - Ismari

p.s. You are BEAUTIFUL Yvette!!!!!