Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

This past weekend we had our Easter festivities with our Bowman family. We started off the fun by dying easter eggs and decorating rice crispy treat eggs.

Sunday all the kids AND adults had an easter egg hunt filled with candy and we also scored some cash money!
Dada scoping out Brody's loot

Brody found lots of candy and $2. He told us..."I'm rich!"

Scoping out loot


Elizabeth said...

Yes Bro Bro, you are rich but momma and dadda are going to steal your $2 for Tacos San Pedro...hehe


ha ha Elizabeth!!!! its called the Law of Consecration its not stealing :)

Isaura said...

haha good one elizabeth, i think they already did. sooo cute. i love your easter family picture, so springish, and your legs look really tan eva...hahahoar.
brody is so cute. we miss you guys.

lidia said...

LOVE Brodys love for sweets.......look at his smile and that Easter egg...glad he had fun with his cousins........so handsome little tike.......

lidia said...

Bro Bro! Your chocolate rice krispie treats look SO good!!! I am so happy that your Bowman family is taking such good care of you. What a fun, fun time!!!

p.s. Don'y you owe me a dollar?

I love you little man!!!!

p.p.s If these posts are making a little more sense than what you are use to from Lidia....it's because it's tia Ismari posting from abuelita Lidia's house!!!

Love you guyz!!!!!!! ♥

Isaura said...

HAHA izzy i was wondering, WOW, mama's grammar is getting good.
P.S. eva, i guess you didn't get the memo that it is plaid shorts and blue shirts for everyone!!! ;) hehe

RUBEN said...

Oh my gosh he is so cute! I can't believe how fast Brody is growing up. We miss you guys. Love the picture of all three of you together! alicia