Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Fun Times

Thia past week Elizabeth and Charlie came for a suprise birthday visit! It was fun to visit with her, swap gossip;), EAT, watch project runway, play with Charlie and other good stuff. Here's what we did...
Brody giving papa his birthday card he picked out all by himself...animals playing at the park, perfect ;) The birthday siblings have the same birth date but not twinsies!

We also went to the OKC arts festival...
Brody made a magic stick

and made filtered art, good thing this was free.

Brody had too much fun with his little cousin Charlie, he's going to make a good big brother!
We painted our faces
Induldged in some yummy donuts and kolaches at Missy's bakery in Guthrie.

mmm... donuts always make me happy...lets kiss


Elizabeth said...

We had so much fun with you guys!

Isaura said...

does brody have his pj's on at the donut shop?????????? hummmmm.....
did you have on your robe and slippers and go to walmart afterwards..hehehehe, jk.
love the new pics!,,it'sa bout time. love the nakey boys pictures your sis in law has on her blog.

Laurie said...

...I've seen this post before...somewhere...2 peas in a pod FOR SURE...and I'm not talking about Brody and Charlie :0)

Steve and Ismari said...

I am so glad you got to have so much fun with your family!!! The Bowmans are so much fun!!!

And since I am OCD are some comments:

1.Brody is so freakin' cute. He looks like a little Mexican boy and your father-in-law at the same time! ha ha I love him!

B. Brody is a great little artist.

III. What happened to Brad's fingers???

four. How come that negrita is giving Brody a dirty look?

5. How come you've never taken me to Missy's bakery? ;)

I'll stop asking questions...and just keep enjoying the pictures! I miss you guys and love you sooooooo much! I want to kiss my Brody!!! Kiss him for me!!! ♥

I love you!


lidia said...

Hey ms. Yvette, what a fun outing you had......happy birthday......suegrito...Brody is a sweet big cousin..........

Iris Arredondo Whitlock said...

he looks like daddy in some of these pictures ;)