Saturday, May 1, 2010

This is how a "real" man does it!

We aren't trying to potty train Brody but we always like to ask if he wants to use the toilet if we know 'something' is up. 99% of the time its always a definite NO, but once in a blue moon he will want to sit on the toilet for 2 seconds and then hop off. Instead of using the bathroom like I would Brad always goes out the french door in our bedroom ;p So of course Brody wanted to try like dada and go like a big boy...............aren't those the cutest buns ever????

UNFORTUNATELY this is what happens to my grass because of nature's calls ;(


Isaura said...

HAHAHAHA, no he diiin't!
Tell Brad that is pretty "cuuuntry"
of him. And I need me a pair of those buns asap, just for squeezing.
Love them!

lidia said...

hope he does not do that at the chapel....the sister would be terrified.........well at least he knows when he needs to stir him to the toilet.......good luck

Laurie said...

Looks alittle too acidy to me...maybe you could bottle some of that deadly stuff and use it for weed control for your company...Let it be witnessed by all that my patent on that stuff is now pending...I'M RICH!!!

Steve and Ismari said...

Is that dead patch of grass Brad's doing? Brody!!!! You and Isaac can have pee contests when we see you next!

ha ha gross!!! But funny!

Tia Ismari

Janna said...

yes, those are cute buns!!!

um, I am a wee bit freaked out right now. that is more than i wanted to know about brad. hahaha.

serioulsy though, why is the grass dead? maybe brad should get checked out. j/k... sort of.