Tuesday, May 18, 2010


For the past little bit Brad has been thinking about adding a deck outside of our bedroom's french doors. Yesterday he and Brody started the fun project!

Framing it out

Getting wood for Dada

Laying the floor boards
Organizing the scrap pieces
a little clean up
TA-DA! oh Brad, you and Brooke Shields, what don't you do?
(ha ha Steve-o)


This Mother's Day was great like always! I woke up to a wonderful breakfast in bed....I will spare you the picture of me in my pjs. Then we went to church like every Sunday and got chocolate like every Mother's day ;) (time to mix it up a bit Guthrie) For Dinner my mother in law and I were spoiled with a surf n' turf dinner where I got a wonderful diffuser from my in-laws, a dress from my mom and dad and a trip to go visit my sister and vacay in the OBX this June from my hunka-hunka-burning love! Thank- you, Thank-you for making it such a wonderful day!


smithsmiles said...

A deck in a day, that's impressive! And Mr. Brody looks dang cute!

Isaura said...

you go brad!!! i hope you plan on putting curtains on those doors so when i'm eating burgers on your new deck i don't have to see funny business going on in your room.
ahhhh i could squish and eat up that mini, suited business man!

Angela said...

Great work! Do we get a belly shot soon?

Steve and Ismari said...

Wow Brad! You want a porch...BOOM...here you go! How about you want me to have an extra bathroom and bedroom in my humble abode...BOOM! Let's go! ha ha You are AWESOME!!! You have skills boiyyyy!!!!

I love your love porch. Very romantic!!!! ♥♥

Brody...you look like a balla in your church suit! You are a handsome little sweet fellow! ha ha

Janna said...

no more outdoor bano for brad! i'm still freaked out, can you tell.

and geeze, how about brad comes to my house to teach adam a lesson or two. finishing a project in a day... amazing! and it looks good too! :)

lidia said...

Kalea - " TO Brody you Look Handsome. You did a Good job in your house. I Love you Love Kalea.

Iris Arredondo Whitlock said...

OMG Bro bro looks like a mini Isaac/abuelito!