Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Milo's Blessing

Last Sunday we blessed our baby brother Milo My parents came to visit and Brody HAD to take them to his favorite OMNIPLEX

Brody had us address him as big brother, and would correct us if we didn't

We ate at at POP'S, Taco San Pedro, and Cattleman's

We are so thankful for all our family and friends who came to our special day!

We Love You!


Elizabeth said...

I la-la-la-LOVE your little family! Bro Bro is the best big brother!

I made Charlie a family picture book and whenever he sees Milo we're trying to get his to say "Baby" he's done it a few times, we're still working on his best buddy's, Brody, name though.

Laurie said...

We ooohed and gooed over each picture...Brody had so much fun with his Lito and Lita!!!
Great family day spent together celebrating Little Milo and his Blessing Day.
Love to your sweet family.

Isaura said...

awww sweetest babies i know. i wish i could have been there. you look zexy, and where ever did you get that fancy parisian scarf?? ;)

lidia said...

smooch, smooch......Brody, you love your little brother don't you?.........had lot's of fun...sweet Milo looked so handsome.......

Steve and Izzy said...

Aw what beautiful pictures Mrs. Yvette! I can't wait to cuddle your babies next week. You are such a beautiful mother! I lover you!!!!!!!! ♥