Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week of Halloween

We went to the circus several months ago, and so when I asked Brody what he wanted to be for Halloween he told me he wanted to be an elephant and Milo a baby elephant so they could hold tails like they do at the circus! This is my homemade attempt at their Halloween costumes!

Brody had a blast being with all his friends and cousins running from door to door getting free candy. He was lagging behind but would scream at the top of his lungs "Hey guys wait for me" and run as fast as his little feet would carry him.

Chasing after the guys

Why was he always behind everyone? Because every house we would stop at he would
stop and talk to the owners and just shoot the breeze. Here he is checking out the puppy. Typical Brody lollygaggin' behind

Amari and Brody, two elephants born two days apart!

Milo did not join in the trick-o-treating festivities tonight

On Friday at school Brody had a Halloween Parade and this was one of his peers dressed like "Billy the exterminator" this was the best picture I could get while trying to be conspicuous

Line leader Brody, I'm not sure if he didn't want to wear his costume or his teacher didn't want to put it on him, but he didn't mind.

Milo waiting for the festivities to start

Our ghost cookies we made for our class

Thursday Brad didn't have church stuff, so we carved a pumpkin.

Stinky pumpkin face

Happy Halloween!


Elizabeth said...

I will wait for you Bro Bro! Come trick OR treating with your buddy Charlie next year!

PS I'm dying over Briley's costume.

lidia said...

oh my goodness, I know where those two elephants get their good looks, mama and dada.....
Brody you are so cute always at the tail end, but you know exactly what you are doing! you get more candy when you get to the tail had great fun, wonderful..

Steve and Izzy said...

Ahahaha! I wear my elephant costume ALL year long Brody! ahaha You look so cute!!!!!!!

And Milo and Steve have the same expressions whilst sitting/lounging on the couch! ahaha He is SOOOOO freakin' adorable Yvette! I can't wait to hug and kiss both of them. We miss you so much! Glad you are having fun with your boys!!! ♥

Ismari ♥

Isaura said...

ahhh my milo! he has dimples :) hehehe brody is like his dad chit chatting away with his "customers" you guys all look so good. i miss those little elephants. love u guys

Isaura said...
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Laurie said...

What a great recap!!!
The brothers looked absolutely adorable and well loved by their creative Mama. So fun to see the pumpkin carving pixs and the ghost cookies were ever so festive...hum...which holiday is busier...Halloween or Christmas...I'm not quite sure from the looks of your pictures.