Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brody's Birthday

Blowing out his "elmo cake"

My Elmo cupcakes had a little too much to drink the night before
We had a good thing going, Brody put in the coin and I rolled the ball.

Guy games
"I two!"

Simulated ride at Chuck E. Cheese


This past Thursday our little papĂ­ turned 2! He has been such a joy in our lives. He is a FUNNY, SMART, FEISTY, INDEPENDENT, loving, sweet little guy. I can't imagine our lives with out him. He teaches me something new everyday and makes me want to be a better person. He makes me one proud mama! For the birthday festivities we went to our swimming class which he loves. He knows all the kids and teacher's names. He likes to be a goof ball in the pool but he is still a little fish! Ever since my mom and dad took him to Chuck E. Cheese, he has been asking for it on and off, so for his birthday he told us he wanted to go to " shucky sheese". We had fun eating a tostinos size pizza for $10, playing the games and I think Brody's favorite part was putting the little coins in the slots and after many tokens and tickets , getting a few little suckers...figures.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Picture pages and a birthday.

For my birthday Brad treated me to one of my favorites...Indian food! even though he wouldn't pick it in a million years he toughed it out, and he even kind of enjoyed it. I ♥ you.


I asked him who all these people were and he named them, except two, I asked who they where and he just said "ummmm, ummmm, ummm"

Brody's newest art fad is drawing people. He loves for me to draw people but I love it even more when he draws them. I love little children's drawings. Its fun to see their interpretation of what things look like through their little eyes ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friends and a vacation!

After the new year us and 8 of our friends went on a cruise to Mexico. It was alot of fun to hang around with our friends, LAUGH ALOT, eat ALOT, play around and just chill! We are definatly cruise and vacationed out for a while and its nice to be home even though its cold now, but I am sure in a couple of months we will want another vacation ;)
Kelly and I sacrificing eachother on the fertility temple

Birthday girl Natalia

Brad and Josh enjoying the Mexican cuisine
some of us at the ruins that some were sure was a government conspiracy

Thunder thigh sand angel...
all of us at dinner

Houston Christmas 2009

This year we once again celebrated Christmas and New Year in Houston. It was a fun festive week full of family, food and fun! We got there Christmas eve and stayed till January 10th! We had fun seeing cousins and playing at the park and visiting all the fun places that Houston has to offer. Christmas we had a fun dinner, talent show and christmas program to start off the day and it was fun to see all the talents everyone has!