Thursday, June 21, 2012


We're getting ready to go camping! We went to academy today and got all of our gear! Brody loves camping and milo lives anything Brody does! We're going to the Wichita mountains to spend the night and hike we are ready!


GuthrieRS said...

Way fun and TOO cute!

RUBEN Arredondo said...

so funny!

lidia said...

oh my goodness.......he is scout and smart....and little Milo...oh he is so cute..and thinks he is so hot
also sitting with the other "men" in his life... ;-) you guys

Isaura said...

HAAAAAA he has Lydia Syndrome, writing his name on everything with permanent marker ;) Loooove them!! So cute. I bet he was so proud to have his name on his chair. Miss and love you guys!

Tori Orgill said...

i love that they wrote their names on the back of their chairs!! what a great're such a good mommy!

Steve and Izzy said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is the most ADORABLE think I have seen in a LONG time!!!! haha He is such a great writer! I love it Brody! You are such a sweet, organized guy!!!!

Just don't write your name on your stuff with finger nail polish like looks ghetto. ahaha!

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!! ♥

See you soon! Ismari