Monday, July 9, 2012


For easter we jetted down to Ft. Worth to visit my sister and have some fun. Brad and I had our 6th year anniversary so she was gracious enough to watch Brody and Milo on Friday night so we could go to dinner and stay the night in a little B&B. Of course i didn't get any pictures of that but the B&B was beautiful with an amazing scenery, and dinner was at an old ranch house that a DFW celebrity chef converted into a restauraunt. We came back on Saturday to the kids cruising down the street on
their long boards :)

 Milo and Brody took a couple of shots in the Blubonnet patches along the street. My niece Maile was very careful not to stomp on the state flower, which is an illegal offense in the Lone Star State.
We had a little eater egg hunt with the neighbor kids. Well, actually... we had an easter egg hunt and the little neigbor kids invited themselves to participate :) Good thing we like them! 

 These guys love eachother and play well together. Brody is a great big bro and always taking care of this little munchkin.

 We had a second hunt with the Bowman Family in the 64 acres. Thie was Milo's first real one he could participate in and LOVED the candy.

 ...and Brody loved the money :)

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lidia said...

Hey, Brody I love money are lucky. Milo is just as smart as his big brother, so much fun to be with families.glad you could come...see ya next time......