Friday, October 26, 2012

Birthday Boy

For Milo's birthday, Karl Johnson, silhouette artist came to a children's boutique here in Edmond.
We headed down there to get our CUTARTS.  

 I think they turned out great. I wish the lips were a little less "Real Houusewives of Beverly Hills" but none the less, its a great heirloom.
We then headed to target, so Brody could give Milo his present. Brody was insistent on getting him Lego Duplo, and Milo loved it.
 Here he is boogie-ing to some toy music.
 Dada and I got him his first Trycicle

 He actually does pretty good riding it.
 Milo's little buddy, Parker had his 2nd birthday on the same day too! We headed over to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday bash just with the families.
 He had a great day!


Isaura said...

Miss your little family Eva! Especially those chubby babies. I can never get over Milo's tiny tennis shoes. He's such a munchkin.

RUBEN Arredondo said...

hello! Brody is a little boy now! he is not a little baby boy. wowo! milo is so cute!