Friday, October 26, 2012

Shotgun Wedding

Our good friends and Brad and I wanted to get away for Fall Break. We went to Cancun to spend some relaxing time in Riviera Maya at an all-inclusive resort called Valentin Imperial Maya. It was wonderfully relaxing. the food was delish and the scenery was breath taking. When we arrived I guess they some how thought we were celebrating our honeymoon :) We had this awesome banner on our front door and out room was decorated with rose petals everywhere. I was the only pregnant lady there so I was the "pregnant chick on her honeymoon".      

 This was our bathtub :) more like a baptismal font!. Brody and Milo would've LOVED to bathe in here just once.
 This was out our back porch
 Here are a few shots of around the resort. It was beautifully landscaped and manicured and so very quite and serene.

 The restaurants were all good, some much better than others but I can't complain. The nightly entertainment was just as exciting. I loved spending one on one time with my sweetheart
one last time for a while :) here are some clips of the fire dancers they had the first night. I reminded Brody he could not try this at home :)


Isaura said...

awww glad you guys had fun! you look so cute with your pregnant belly eva :) you got knocked up before you were married, so what? ;)

RUBEN Arredondo said...

okayyyyy??!!! i didn't even know you guys went to Mexico! hello! looks like fun!

Steve and Izzy said...

Looks like a blast!!!!!!!!! Glad you got to take off for a bit! :D Take care of yourself my Eva!!!! ♥


Nana said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! Loved all the pixs! Want to Face time??? LOL