Friday, June 29, 2007

80's Lacoste Brad

My suegrita was organizing pictures of all her kids and I was looking through brad's pics and they were all so cute. He has the same cute smile and little cowlick in the front of his hair still. I also thought it was funny because I guess the LACOSTE brand was popular and cheap back then because alot of people's pics from the 80's show them wearing the alligator shirts:) I know mom ...well daddy wouldn't cash out that much money. K-mart bargin bins were more their style. now they are like $120 for a Lacoste bad:)


Isaura said...

is that alligator sewn on?

My Favorite Shirt said...

Your babies are going to be fat and cute just like their..............auntie Izzy!

What a sweet-pie.