Friday, June 6, 2008

Houston Trip

Houston wa a lot of fun! I was able to stay there a whole week! on Friday the guys had a good ol' fashion Fajita throwdown Bobby Flay style and the girls had a dessert throwdown. But of course everyone was a winner..wha wha....:)
I had a garage sale on Saturday and made $100! My nieces and nephew helped out by bringing thier junk... I mean items to the sale . Isaac was having a hard time grasping the concept of a garage sale. He was wanting to sell his Thomas the Trains for $15 but we explained it to him and the little guy made $10 on all his trains and Sodor Island.
Saturday afernoon we spent the time partying with kent jr and family. It was Trey's 7th birthday it's crazy to think I met trey when he was barely 4 yrs old.

Here is Brody and Lydia enjoying a dum-dum, however you can't see baby's bc its all the way down his throat.

This is the sexy man meat I call my baby, and husband...oh yeah and my bro-in-law ;)

Here are all my Brother -in- laws , steve, marc, josh, brad (hubby) and kent getting ready for a night on the town to this steak restaurant called the taste of texas, brad said it was one of the best steaks he'd ever had. I love and miss you guys.


Steve and Ismari said...

Thank you for coming down to see us all! I like the picture of your little men meats. We love you guys soooo much! You are a sweet little family.....

lidia said...

Thank you for being so sweet...."Brody" :) just kidding, all of you are sweet and good lookimg

Isaura said...

let's have a contest,
who's hotter
me or brad??????

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time! So fun for everyone to be together.