Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Food glorious FOOD! Part 2

Today Brody's doctor said he could start eating some green veggies so I blended up some zuchinni and green beans and he loved it. I tasted it too and it wasn't bad at all. I think he was getting bored with the rice cereal but now we can vary up the foods and my sister Isaura gave us a cool baby food book with fun recipes to try. please excuse the video lighting I have an old school camera.


Janna said...

How fun!!! Did you do veggies from your own garden? If I have another baby I want to make my own baby foods. Seems easy enough right? You'll have to tell me how it goes and if it's easy to keep up with on a regular basis.

lidia said...

I love you Mr. Brody...You are starting right...veggies are sooogood for you..........thank you mamy Yvette......for making me those good veggies...........

Isaura said...

awwwwww i miss brodyiess
he's so cute. so green veggies excludes potatoes then huh??
i was thinking he would love mashed potatoes...yummmmmers.
love and miss you guys

Steve and Ismari said...

That chubba is the healthiest, cutest thing EVER!!!! What a sweet mama you are.

Watching Brody movies is like eating chocolate....it ALWAYS brightens my day!!!!!

Try giving him some sweet peas, too. Isaac and Maile thought those were the bomb.

And wait till he can try his first cheese omelet......another of Isaac and Maile's favorites as babies!

That's why their so healthy now!!!

You are such a fun mama taking videos of you cooking with your baby! I LOVE IT!!!!!

RUBEN said...

wait till his caca starts coming out green