Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been tagged by Janna!

10 Years Ago... I was 15 years old and getting my drivers permit. My parents only had standards and they made me learn bc those were the only cars my dad got bc they were cheap to fix...go figure. I hated it at first they were so hard to learn, but now I wish I still had one.

5 Years Ago... I was going back to be a junior at BYU. I was excited to live with my good friends and start working towards my major.

5 Months Ago... Brody was still a newborn but I was starting to get into a routine with him and not be so tired from being up at night. The weather was nice so we were able to venture outdoors.

5 Things on My To Do List Tomorrow...
1 - Clean whole house
2 - Meet friend for lunch
3 - Go swimming at Prescott's
4 - Play BUNKO
5 - work out

5 Things People Don't Know About Me...
1 - I am a celebrity gossip junkie
2 - I like to do "old lady" crafty things
3 - Despite what others think, my spanish stinks
4 - I was in the "Who's who among high school students"
5 - I danced mexican ballet folklorico in high school

5 Bad Habits
1 - bite nails
2 - BAAAD sweet tooth
3 - shopping
4 - trying to work out
5 - Wal-Mart/Target...enough said

5 Places I Have Lived...
1 - League City, Tx
2 - Spring, Tx
3 - Provo, UT
4 - OKC,ok
5 - Edmond, ok

Tag 5 People...
1 - Ismari
2 - Isaura
3 - Janie
4 - Natalia
5 - Jen


lidia said...

Well, remembering, makes me sentimental......and also gives me a sense of joy that I have been greatly Ms. Yvette, even though it seems routine; are helping form a little boy, and setting a good spirit in your home...and becoming a greater you

Jennie's bunch said...

It's fun getting to know you a little better!! I feel old now!:)

Alicia Kulani said...

Don't forget to add that you have a fettish for picking pimples, blackheads, pinching peoples butts in the grocery stores (smiths) and pulling out unwanted gray hairs like someone else I know