Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome back

Watching cartoons with his cousins, Isaac and Maile!!

Grinning and showing off his two teeth!

My mom was teaching him how to sew, but he just wanted to hit it:)

Jumping with my mom...everyone just woke up and were still in their pjs

sitting with maile watching cartoons

Last week my sister mother and niece and nephew were able to caome and visit good ol' oklahoma. Basically we just chilled, went to pelican bay water park and POPS off route 66. Their stay was sshort lived but exciting for all!!


Steve and Ismari said...

Thanks for a fun time ya'll. And thank you for letting me clean your fence for you....I was fixing the plumbing at Issy's house yesterday - what am I.....the family work wait....that's daddy....ha ha ha!

Love you!!!!!!!

Jen said...

What fun to be with family - it's the best!

lidia said...

My big boy is now a "sastre" and he has a little momie, named Maile.......He did have fun with his two little cousins..and they loved being with their little cousin you mama