Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mr. Fix-it

Lately Brody has been crawling around and trying to get into everything and anything! he loves to find something interesting and crawl around with it in his hands until he finds something else to crawl around with. He also loves climing ontop of things to try to stand up, toys, people, steps, and he even will try on his own but just ends up doing the YOGA move "downward dog":) he's ALWAYS climing on the printer trying to "fix" it, butends up making copies of blank sheets:)smarty pants


Isaura said...

we are all at mamas right now, and we approve of this message!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's sooo cute. we can't wait to see u guys next weekend

lidia said...

I love those cute chunky legs.......he is going to be so smart because he is so curious.he has a bright mind........Kiss him for that green

Elizabeth said...

This is a proud moment for Uncle Steven:

Baby Brody+Electronics+Genuine Interest=New favorite nephew

Or I'm guessing:)

That little chunky behind is SO cute...the countdown is on until we get to come see him (even if it is 4 months)

Steve and Ismari said...

That's how Isaac started and then he started walking at 9 months!!! Good luck then. What a sweetie pie. I hope he gets into even more "creative activities" for his mom. Ha ha

Love you guys!


lidia said...

Abuelito said "take care of my baby I do not want him to get electricuted"..........HE IS SO CUTE, WHERE DID HE GET THOSE BIG CHEEKS FROM...HIGH CHEEKS ARE A TRAIT OF HIS INDIAN BLOOD/ YOU GO BRODY!!!!!!!!!!!