Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurrication = PAR-TAY

Due to the ramilfications of HURRICAN IKE we caught a couple family member up here in okliehoma! Kent, Mary and boys were able to come up this past week to hang out with us while houston had no electricity!!! So we did what we did best and ate, played games, goofed off, went to the zoo, state fair, movies, shopping, BBQ's, and just plain PARTAYED!

Here we are LION PRIDE posing at the zoo. we got to see everything but the elephants. They are on a two year "date" at the Tulsa zoo, hopefully they'll come back with a baby:)

Gretchen and the boys too busy looking at the pets to pose. Brooks can probably make every animal sound for you our favorite was his "owl" sound too cute. While Yadon could tell you the correct names of the animals while we adults just generalized it. "No thats not a sheep thats a goat"

Mary, Trey and Brody always willing to take a pic with Bro-Bro

Brody was actually sick for a couple of day and I bought him some medicinal lolipops. He can tell you how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop or the flavor of gum in a blow pop but after a couple of mins licking the medicine one they were on the it tasted the same to me

I thought this sign was suited well for Brody. We should hang it over his cage at home.

Trey was excited to read to all his cousins and they loved to listen and look at the pictures. Trey was a great older cousin. He LOVESSSSS Brody and was with him every second he wanted to be where ever Brody was. He was such a good helper. Thanks Trey we love you!

Tonight we celebrated Brooks 2nd birthday!! Brody loves pizza suprise suprise and had fun with all his cousins and friends!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the pictures. I cried; maybe even sobbed a little.

(I'm not joking)

Do you have your itinerary for NC yet?

lidia said...

Oh, good he is being taken care of, zoo, pizza, well that is my kind of you

Steve and Ismari said...

I am glad our Oklahoma Bowman family is doing great! I am glad you have such a super family over there. They take care of our babies for us!

I love the pic with all the little cousins! So cute! I love the BROWN cousin the most! He is MY baby!

Isaura said...

awww my brobro...
i like your outfit on the first it vintage ? ;)