Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last weekend Brody and I took the Heartland Flyer to visit my sister in Ft. Worth. It was alot of fun and cheaper for me to take the train than drive. It was MUCH more convenient too, bc I didn't have to stop to stretch our legs or eat lunch or stop at the Gainsville Outlets...oops did I just say that out loud? Brad I don't do that...... We left at 8:25 am and got there around 12:15 ish so it takes the same time, actually less time than it would take me bc I stop more than the train does! There was one or two questionable people on the train, but mostly it was college age kids, old people and singles. One the way back home this little girl befriended us and then wouldn't leave. Towards the end every time she asked a question I would say "I dunno why don't you go ask your grandpa" and even Brody was tired of her too. She asked him if he wanted to play and he said "No tanks". OH well at least we made a new friend!

Watching some Thomas the Train while riding the train

I don't know if he actually got he was on the train. He would see them and get excited, or it would blow its whistle and he would look outside to see the train blowing the whistle and pump his little arm up and down and say "choo-choo, shuga-shuga-shuga-shuga"

Elmo and friends
His favorite pastime

Our other favorite pastime

I never take enough pictures when I go visit family, I guess I am having too much fun, but we did go to the local farmer's market where we picked up some pumpkins, saltwater taffy and 'Rodeo Nights' goat milk soap for Brad...very sexy


Steve and Ismari said...

Brody!!! I love your shrain ride! I love picking my nose and watching Thomas the Train just like you, too!

We love the train. We had soooooo much fun when we tood the Amtrack from Houston to L.A., CA. We want to do that again....but this time we will get a sleeper car...because those train shairs are not the MOST comfy for 2 or so days or riding. But it's the best!!!!

We are glad you had a blast with Issy and Marc. We can't wait to see you next month!!!!!!!!

Love you guyz!!!


Isaura said...

AHHH I miss you guys.
I love the infamous nose picking shot. That's one of his new favorite past times. Thank you for visiting us!
We love you.

RUBEN said...

Brody, nose picking is a fine art, one which will provide endless hours of fun and enjoyment, only to be exceeded by cola and stinky feet picking. Just ask your cousins. BTW, we have some Thomas videos we will send you. Simon JUST grew out of them

lidia said...

Noooooo, Nooooooo, Brody you are so silly...........I wish I could be a good painter, I love the pumpking setting....I am glad you and mama went on that weekend trip......have fun this autumn.love you

Elizabeth said...

precious and hilarious!