Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chester's party Barn and pumpkin patch

Last week we went to Piedmont, OK to a pumpkin patch to help ring in the fall festivities! There were many activities for all the kids and even adults. They had a pumpkin patch where everyone got one pie pumpkin (not to be confused with one pumpkin pie). The had a small arena where they gave pony rides. A petting zoo where you could interact and feed the animals, sack races, corn maze, hayride, huge slide rides, 10 ton sand box, and much more. I was sooooo proud of Brody because he looooooves horses, he talks the talk but can't walk the walk. Whenever he sees them in person up close he gets scared and says "no, no, no". But this time we were determined to get him on a pony. AND HE DID. Dada rode beside him the whole time and he was scared at first but a real Oklahoma cowboy in the end.

We had Brody pick out all three of the pumpkins we got and he got a small, medium and large pumpkin! A Dada, mama and baby

Brody and I riding the hay ride
Competitive Bowmans' sack racing
Nana, papa and cousins

Best Buds

Checking out the posse

Big slide

SUPER scared

KINDA scared

COOL cowboy


Just us! said...

So cute! he is getting so big! What a real cowboy! Looks like you guys had so much fun.

Isaura said...

AWWW looks like fun. Cousin Trey looks like a good little helper.
Brody is too funny. Why does that not surprise me that he's all talk?

RUBEN said...

he's so cute. i love when the little guys are that age.

Iris Arredondo Whitlock said...

I like his little pants....

Steve and Ismari said...


You look like you are 12 years old again! ha ha Hey do you still play the bells?????????

I am look so freakin' young.......lucky!!!


lidia said...

Those little cousins love that little guy........he loves those goats you.....lita