Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chester's party Barn and pumpkin patch

Last week we went to Piedmont, OK to a pumpkin patch to help ring in the fall festivities! There were many activities for all the kids and even adults. They had a pumpkin patch where everyone got one pie pumpkin (not to be confused with one pumpkin pie). The had a small arena where they gave pony rides. A petting zoo where you could interact and feed the animals, sack races, corn maze, hayride, huge slide rides, 10 ton sand box, and much more. I was sooooo proud of Brody because he looooooves horses, he talks the talk but can't walk the walk. Whenever he sees them in person up close he gets scared and says "no, no, no". But this time we were determined to get him on a pony. AND HE DID. Dada rode beside him the whole time and he was scared at first but a real Oklahoma cowboy in the end.

We had Brody pick out all three of the pumpkins we got and he got a small, medium and large pumpkin! A Dada, mama and baby

Brody and I riding the hay ride
Competitive Bowmans' sack racing
Nana, papa and cousins

Best Buds

Checking out the posse

Big slide

SUPER scared

KINDA scared

COOL cowboy

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hip-Hop Baby

My dad sent me this video and I thought it was pretty hilarious. Sometimes we all need a good laugh!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last weekend Brody and I took the Heartland Flyer to visit my sister in Ft. Worth. It was alot of fun and cheaper for me to take the train than drive. It was MUCH more convenient too, bc I didn't have to stop to stretch our legs or eat lunch or stop at the Gainsville Outlets...oops did I just say that out loud? Brad I don't do that...... We left at 8:25 am and got there around 12:15 ish so it takes the same time, actually less time than it would take me bc I stop more than the train does! There was one or two questionable people on the train, but mostly it was college age kids, old people and singles. One the way back home this little girl befriended us and then wouldn't leave. Towards the end every time she asked a question I would say "I dunno why don't you go ask your grandpa" and even Brody was tired of her too. She asked him if he wanted to play and he said "No tanks". OH well at least we made a new friend!

Watching some Thomas the Train while riding the train

I don't know if he actually got he was on the train. He would see them and get excited, or it would blow its whistle and he would look outside to see the train blowing the whistle and pump his little arm up and down and say "choo-choo, shuga-shuga-shuga-shuga"

Elmo and friends
His favorite pastime

Our other favorite pastime

I never take enough pictures when I go visit family, I guess I am having too much fun, but we did go to the local farmer's market where we picked up some pumpkins, saltwater taffy and 'Rodeo Nights' goat milk soap for Brad...very sexy

Friday, October 2, 2009


Two weeks ago for Family Home Evening we decided to get Brody a pet fish. Now no offense to you fish lovers and owners out there, but I don't like fish. I think they stink and are gross and I only like them in a frying pan or on top of a bed of rice! I really didn't want to get him one because I knew I would have to take care of them, and the thought of cleaning out a fish bowl grosses me out. Brad wanted to get an actual aquarium with a filter so I didn't have to worry about that, but 1. I have no place for an aquarium and 2. an aquarium is more permanent and I didn't want to replace any dead fish, the faster they die the faster I can put the bowl away for good. Anyway we ended up getting three fish and Brody thought they were pretty cool. He likes to watch me feed them what he calls cereal, but smells like fish booty. So far two of the three have lasted. A couple days later one died and I had to clean out the bowl (gross) and flush him to fishy heaven! I wasn't even thinking while I was doing this bc Brody was in the bath and he watched me dump the fish and dirty water down the toilet and he stood up from his bath and said : "uh-oh mama, fish..., uh-oh, fish"...ooops... I hope when he grows up de doesn't turn out dysfunctional and blame it on watching me flush his fish down the toilet when he was 20 mos. old AGH!
P.S. I have to clean out the stupid bowl every day!!!!!! so don't get a fish bowl if you don't like fish ;)
HMM, Which fish do I want?
This looks like a good price

Watching them eat thier "cereal"
Mom, do fish usually sleep on their sides?

¡Ciaosito! dead fish