Monday, July 12, 2010


During the summer the Beacon Theater opens its gates to everyone! Its a fun throw-back activity and much cheaper than going to the regular movies...even the concessions ;)

Brody thinks he is a big kid running around with everyone before the show starts.

Little Miss

Brody surprisingly can't sit through a whole movie, but if I let him would probably watch T.V. all day. He was sampling everyone's movie treats without them noticing.


Jen said...

We've been trying to figure out if the drive-in was worth the trouble. It looks like you guys had fun! Maybe we'll check it out too.

Isaura said...

HAHA I like how he is downing someones sprite, his eyes are even watering! hehe

RUBEN said...

looks like fun! man brodie you are sneaky!

Steve and Izzy said...

aaaahaha! I am with you Brody. I could totally see myself ignoring the movie and sitting in the cab of a truck full of sodas and snackies and having a really great time with those instead!!! haha Great minds think alike! ♥