Friday, July 2, 2010

Outer Banks, NC

This last week Brody and I headed up to North Carolina on a funfilled trip with my mom, dad, sister and niece. These pictures are in no particular order so don't get confused. AND my family does NOT like to pose for pictures so mostly you see the cute kiddies and beautiful scenery.
This is a lighthouse on the island of Ocracoke,NC. this island was just like you would read about in a book, quiet, small, friendly and very inviting.

One side of the island was the beach and the other was the bay. These are a few of the boats going out on sunset cruises at dusk.

The beach was nice becasue it wasn't crowded at all. just a few beachgoers relaxing. Thewaster was a little chilly but felt nice after a minute because it was just so hot and humid outside. Here is Brody and Lydia playing in someone else's sand castle they left behind.

One happy shot. He was kind of honery that day, all he wanted to do was bully everyone around. but how could you get mad at a face like this ;)

Lydia's quest that afternoon was to find as many seashells as possible. She was even nice enough to share them with her baby cousin Bro-Bro.

My mom and dad. My dad was the donkey for the day, pulling Lydia and Brody anywhere they pleased in their "trailor" as Brody called it.

Enjoying a cup of homeade ice cream together.

Searching for the Ocracoke Spanish ponies

This is about how close Brody got to the water. He was definatley a scared-y cat at the beach.

You know an Arredondo? need I say more... mad face

On the ferry coming over to the island.

In Nagshead, NC we got to see a really great play about the lost colony of Roanoke. I was afraid at first of how Brody would behave but he did great till the very end. It was exciting to see all the interaction the cast had during the play.

Lifeguard Brody manning his post

Just waiting to get in the pool

The view from our room in Nagshead

Our daddy rigging the car for the trip

This bridge over to the OBX seemed never ending and a little scary.

Brody looking at the bridge

Passing the time...Poor Lydia would ask, "How many minutes till we get to the beach?"

Brody had LOTS of fun with Lydia, he loved playing with her girl toys even though he didn't really know how to use them. For example the lipstick shmeared across his face up top.

Pink Barbie that

This is what you do with a Barbie car...Right?

Showing Lydia how boys play

Abuleito/harry potter doing a last minute project under the stairs
Brody loved playing with all of Lydia's kitchen gear. That girl had eveything. And while she sat and watched he would be in the kitchen cooking and telling her "justa minute sweetie, its not ready yet'"



Steve and Ismari said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! I love all you pictures Yvette! The NC coast looks AMAZING! We can't wait to go see it this summer. I love your pictures of everyone and the little cousins. Looks like you all had a blast together! Daddy is such a sweetie! I love our family soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!

Love you!!!


lidia said...

What a fun time we relaxing and joyful...Ms. Lydia is tall abd beautiful, her little cousin and her had so much fun...the food was just delicious soft crab shell crabs, crabcakes...;aand so on... I, lidia even got in the many good memories, thanks Ms. Iris for all that planning...

Isaura said...

a few comments: sister's are beautiful. you ladies look very chic on the beach.
2. i wish i could have gone.
3. daddy looks skinny
4. daddy is the man.
5. mama is so cute.
6. i want to eat up brody and his feisty self. "NO, you are MY baba!!"
7. little lydia is such a sweetie pie.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun trip! I love the picture of Baywatch Brody:)

lidia said...

Do you know why Mr. Brody had that Mad face? because abuelito would not let him get close to the front of the ferry...Yeah nothing to hold him from falling except that plastic netting that had 1' by 1' openings. Mr. Brody cou could be in the water swimming with the fish...gotta love him...