Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Frontier City

About a month or so ago, nana was nice enough to take Brody on his own to our local amusement park, Frontier City. Ever since then Brody has been talking about that day almost everyday. The day finally came for him that Nana would take him again after her vacation, and just our luck he woke up with a fever and throwing up! He was so bummed when I told him he wouldn't be going to Frontier City. They rescheduled their date and on Monday they got to go again!
Brody loves trucks, cars, trains and anything that goes, so he was in heaven riding the old time carriages.

Conductor for a day

These next three pictures are classic, he is a little scared-y cat so I can imagine was he is thinking...."I dunno about this ride nana"
"yeah I'm pretty sure I'm scared"
probably reassuring himself it will be fun

They got this park map and circled all the stops they made. He looks at it in the car all the time and its so funny to see him studying it with deep thought

Thanks for a great day Nana!


Laurie said...

More more more more more then my pleasure :0)

Jen said...

That is so sweet Brody had a day with his Nana! I love that...

RUBEN said...


Janna said...

Um, best Nana ever!! What a lucky guy Brody is. That is soooo fun.