Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Funday

Brody loves playing with friends! So when he started to beg me to go to school I understood why. I was a little apprehensive to let him go but when we started to look around at a couple of preschools around town he was VERY excited! The first one we went to he asked me over and over if this was his school, I said if mama and dada like it then maybe and he said "please like it, say you like it!" when we left he cried because he wanted to play with his friends...break my heart. Finally after several other places we finally settled on Southern Hills in Edmond. It seems like a great fit for him and he enjoyed the first day and the first thing he told me was he made a "great friend". Unfortunatley he didn't remember his name ;p
When he got into the car after school if jumped and gave baby brother a kiss

Later that night we went to a football game at Deer Creek, Brad's Alma Mater, where they recognized the 10 yr anniversary of his football team's and schools only State Championship win.

Waiting for dada to come out on the field

After half-time we went into the wresting room where he also spent many times for me and nostalgic times for Brad!
Don't you always just want to dance when you hear the marching band??


Laurie said...

Gotta love it!!!
Be still my heart...he looks like such an OLD "Big Boy" and he's not even three yet...maybe Brody and I can do "Dancing With the Stars" together!

Elizabeth said...

BroBro is the cutest little school boy in town. Wish he would jump in the car and give me a kiss after school.

lidia said...

He is a good dancer, maybe it's the Mexican in him...what a fun night you had....I know Brody will not have a problem dancing at his great-gramas you

lidia said...

Brody looks like abig boy ready to start school....I bet you are so proud of him.......he is so cute........did baby brother miss him?

Isaura said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh OMG i'm jealous!!! so cute. all he needed was his little sombrero, i like the foot action :)
such a big boy. glad you guys had fun reliving brad's glory days ;)

Isaura said...

ps why aren't you out on the field with bradley????????????

Steve and Izzy said...

Brody I can't believe what BIG boy you are now! I am soooooooo excited for you and school. I think it's so fun to have friends, too. Your mama and daddy are so nice to put you in a fun school!

Steve and I love going to HS football games. Got Brad got to re-live some of his glory days. Wait...he IS living his glory days! With his glorious, beautiful little family!

Love you guys,

Steve, Ismari, Isaac and Maile ♥

RUBEN said...

Brody you are soo funny!!!