Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My cup runneth over! no kids came to our house tonight, I was so sad, I had candy, I turned on all the lights, I even left the door open, and put some Halloween paraphenalia on the freaking door. I guess the boone docks isn't the ideal location for kids, but maybe next year
Brad said that he thinks Sampson and Pito scared them away because he would here them barking crazy every so poopers. i gave them a treat since no on else wanted one. Sampson likes it.


Steve and Ismari said...

oOOhhh! I'm sorry Yvette. I bet the dogs were scaring them away!!

We miss you guys. I hope you are having a good time being pregnant!

You are beautiful...I love you!

I love you too Brady-poo!

Elizabeth said...

That is so sad...I would have come trick or treating to your house:)

If it makes you feel better, we live in an ALL kids area and only had the door bell ring ONCE (but we didn't get it because we didn't get candy...oops)

Isaura said...

awww that sux. sorry chevettey. at least sampson and pito look very happy :)

Isaura said...
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Isaura said...

like ur new blog header, that's funnies:)
Shouldn't it be:
You had me at ". . .and you have the nicest pair of rhododendrons in town!"

(what movie, what movie??)


ISSY your funny..Its Can't buy me love!!! No it should say " Aren't you like, the lawn boy..." ;)