Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flaunting my "Full Figure" and it's contributors :)

exhibit a

exhibit b
exhibit c "contributor"
I only put my pics up here because my sister wanted to see my belly.... if it were any one else I wouldn't. Brad and I bought this delish danish last monday and by last friday these were the results. I don't think this knife left the box, its nice eating entenmanns and not feeling too guilty, until days like today happen! I was at work and one of the kids came up to me and said..."you're full figured"...ouch! at first I wanted to say "yeah, well you have buck teeth". but I didn't I said, "well, it's because I'm pregnant, that's why I have a big belly". He told me his mom said that was the "polite" way to say it. Thanks for being so politically correct kid. I felt bad for my self at first, but then it was funny, but I'm the only one that can joke about it now, if any one wants to poke fun, I'm mean, I'll go straight for the juggular beotch!;)


Steve and Ismari said...

You are still a HOT mama!

Elizabeth said...

You look SO CUTE! SERIOUSLY! I'm not gonna lie, that is pretty freaking hilarious about that little boy though...I think Steven will get a kick out of that. I've heard you're not the biggest fan of people feeling your tummy (and I totally understand that) but is there a chance I can maybe feel the baby come Thanksgiving?

Isaura said...

eva!! you look cuuuuuuuuute. i hope i look like u when i get preggers. thank you for the pictures. we love you !!