Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby Mobile

So we were at Babies-R-Us on Saturday looking for a glider for the baby's room and Brad decided he wanted a baby mobile for the crib. Well he found one he likes with balls hanging off it, but I didn't see any I liked. They were all to cheesey, like with bears hugging girrafes and monkeys riding elephants... I wasn't sure if I wanted our son starring at that to much :) But I REMEMBERED that Brad's aunt made him, his brothers and sister baby mobiles when the were born, and it was so cute, she is a very good artist and so we dug it up at his mom's house and I'm excited now I just have to figure out how to hang it.... any ideas?


Isaura said...

aww how cute!! how ever its being held up in that first picture looks good. there's no mtv here and i'm gonna miss the hills tommorrow.baaahhhhhaaa. i did see dhw tonight. it was the bomb.

Steve and Ismari said...

There are these little eyelet screws that you can screw into the ceiling and walls. You can try to just twist them on with your hand but you might need you big strong husband to help you with that.

Then you can come back and paint the eyelet white to match your ceiling so it's not as obvious hanging there.

You can use fishing wire to hang the mobile from the eyelet. Just make sure you secure it properly so it doesn't drop onto Baby Bowman's head. But if he has Brad's won't have to worry about anything.

Just kidding Brad-e-poo. You can say anything you want about me and I won't get mad. Maybe...

Love you guys!!

Steve and Ismari said...

You do NOT need to be watching dirty shows on t.v. any way Isaura.

love - big Izzy

RUBEN & ALICIA said...

what's the hills?