Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference Talk

Today was conference, and I'll have to admit the last half I couldn't stay awake!!! but in the first Sunday morning half I enjoyed the talk by Sister Beck, the R.S. President...i think. I really enjoyed it because I'm going to be a mother soon and she just talked about the importance of preparing and teaching your children. She said your home should be a Pre- MTC. that's true. She said they need to learn before they go into the MTC. It's funny because everyone laughed but, I new a kid that it wasn't until he got into the MTC that he really learned about Lehi and his family. He said ", I didn't know they got here on a boat.." hello...... Mom told us a little Simon story and how he was telling his inactive friend about Joseph smith and the first vision in the car, and how he shared his Book of Mormon. Well, let me share what Alicia wrote mom..

" ...Speaking of Simon I thought I would send a neat little experience with you. We have a little friend who doesn't attend church. Her friends are inactive and where until recently in our ward, they were friends of Ruben and I.The other day we were watching her so her parents could finish up packing and we took her with us to the kids computer class. Well Simon had his little book of Mormon reader, which he usually keeps there to read as we drive. We he asked her if she had ever read the book of Mormon. She said I don't think so. He then asked well have you heard about Joseph smith and how we got the book of Mormon she said no. So he opened his little books and showed her the pictures while he told her the story of the first vision and how Joseph Smith translated to the book of Mormon. he then told her she should ask her parents to get her one of these book of mormon readers so she could learn about Joseph smith. I just sat there amazed with Simon, thinking of what a wonderful example he was and how wonderful it was that he was teaching his little friend about the gospel. I was so proud of him and the missionary he is and will become."

That's so neat that Simon wasn't afraid to share his beliefs. I think it was the president who said it , but he said we need to share whom we are with everyone. All of our acquaintances should know we are members of the church. Which is true, I don't think everyone I work with knows I'm a member, or my beliefs. You know we pray for missionary opportunities, but they're there for us everyday! and we don't take advantage, or at least I don't always take them.


Isaura said...

i really liked that pre MTC thing too. there are a lot of things that I learned in the MTC that was kinda news to me too. But not as bad as the kid and the boat. I really liked Dallin Oaks talk. There are LOTS of people who needed to hear that. Now I need to figure out whether to keep Buster in tap,jazz, ballet, or soccer.

Steve and Ismari said...

I loved all the talks, too. Really, really comforting and motivating at the same time.

It's amazing that even though we get may sometimes get tired of teaching, leading, and making sure are family is doing everything the end we find out that our children are actually using the things we teach them in their own lives.

I loved hearing the little experience with Simon. Isaac was telling a little girl in his class about Nephi seeing Columbus in a vision. I am sooo happy to know that as our little children are taught...they will teach others. Little missionaries. Our parents set a great example for us. Keep on keeping on!

Arredondos said...

I think you're right Yvette, that sometimes sharing the gospel is as simple as just being yourself. In our conversations we can talk about how we go to church, or have family home evening, things that are just part of our lives. But when we mention it to nonmembers, they'll ask questions with out us really having to do anything.