Tuesday, March 25, 2008

10 reasons why I dig Brody Bowman

10. When he cries he sounds like a baby jaguar
9. He always punches himself in the face with his uncontrolable fists
8. He always looks so serious
7. He farts in his sleep like his dad
6. He cuddles me when we take showers
5. He pulls my hair like two horse reins
4. When I smile at him he smiles back and coos
3. He looks longingly at me when he eats...so romantic
2. He has starring contests with his toy giraffe in his car seat. (see picture below of toy giraffe)
1. He is just sooo stinkin' cute and he looks just like Brad


Steve and Ismari said...


oooooHHHHHH why do you torture me with these sweet pictures of my love!

Oh my gosh he looks like a chubby Easter Peep. I could nibble on him!

I know...when we were in the car with him he stared at his giraffe the whole time. He would look at us like...."What do YOU want!" Then look away to stare at his giraffe. He definitely is like his dad!! ha ha just kiddin' Brad-e-poo.

We miss our BroBro. He is the ultimate in cuteness!

Love you guyz - izzy

Elizabeth said...

Too cute! I loved reading your "10 Reasons Why." I can't wait to see all of them first hand...although yes, he does look serious (but oh so cute) and yes, he does look a lot like Brad.

PS Love the shirt

Isaura said...

he;s so freaking cute and chubb. i like his stretchy pants

Steve and Ismari said...

i miss you brobro!

Waaaaa. I want to snuggle with you!!!!

love - tia Ismari