Saturday, March 15, 2008

Heck Yes !

So my sister Isaura and her husband Marc are in NYC right now..Lucky (just like Napolean Dynamite says it) I asked her a while ago if she would pick me up a knock off Chanel purse and she agreed. As the trip neared I didn't remember if I asked her or not, but I didn't want to bug so I just left it alone. But being the bomb sister that she is they hit up canal st. where they have all of the knock off stuff and got me one !! She said it was pretty funny, little asian men secretly user you into these 8x4 rooms with all these ladies swarming around. Even though it is last season and now small clutches are in I don't care. more reason for people to think its real and I got it on sale:) I wish I was rich to buy a real one but even if I was I probably wouldn't. The closest I have been to buying designer wear is some DIOR mascara from Sephora, and I must say even their mascara was awesome...and expensive, but that was in my single days when I considered all my money disposable income. speaking of rich, the kid that invented Facebook is a billioraire, yes I said kid, he's the youngest billionaire...get off the internet kid!! ARGH


Steve and Ismari said...

Just hope she didn't buy you a purse with a miss print like Chinel or something. Then you will look sooooooo silly! That's one step closer to being Posh Eva. Go fancy purses!!!!!! Now if she could find you some Jimmy Chew (Cho) shoes!!!

RUBEN & ALICIA said...

ALICA is the queen of fake purses. The russian guy that sells us the purses each month at our office, says he needs a divorce. i said i would charge him $800 for an uncontested divorce. he said if i wanted trade. i said half cash and half trade. so i got alicia $400 worth of fake dolce & gabana, coach, gucci, prada, chanel purses and sunglasses. he also has fake men's Breitling, Tag Heuer, Rolex, and Omega watches that are-surprisingly, pretty good quality he he he

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