Monday, March 31, 2008

How do they do it?

So a while back I bought some liquid eyeliner. I thought it looked good on girls that wore it properly. I tried putting it on and it was ridiculously hard! so I gave up and threw it in my pile of eyeliner drawer...(yes I have a drawer with just eyeliners, I am obsessed with make up) Then last week I was watching my fav show "The Hills" and I saw Lauren putting on liquid eyeliner with such ease, I thought, I ought to try that again and take my time. So today I tried it again, but I looked like an idiot. I looked like a little seventh grade girl trying to put on makeup for the first time! Or I was trying to put it on while flying a jet plane! so I don't really care to wash it off and start over again so I am off to run some errands looking like Tammy Faye :)
ps. at least the eyeliner covers up the clump of missing eye lashes that I ripped off with my eyelash curler.


Elizabeth said...

haha, ya I don't dare try the liquid liner.

So, what did you think of The Hills? I'm such an idiot...I stayed up till midnight to watch the "actual" premier...pathetic I know. I regretted it the next morning, especially on Sat. when I was sick and saw that it was replayed 3x just that day (which I know they always do I just couldn't resist).

Anyway, I wasn't too impressed with Lauren's Paris "fling" and I thought Heidi looked really pretty in that episode (I usually don't think she's that pretty) and yes, I still think Spencer is a douche.

Isaura said...

i've tried it before and looked like Amy Winehouse

Steve and Ismari said...

I've never seen The Hills because I have ghetto t.v. with the 6 stations...... I've tried liquid liner and I wipe most of it off so then it's like...what's the point? I just keep wearing my tight mom pants and my Target t-shirts and not worry about it cause I'm frumpy anyway.........I watched a PBS show tonight on the Cochlear hearing implant....................... I wish I was at least "pretty cool".

And Issy, You could wear out a whole bottle of liquid liner on your eyes and you still.....would NOT look like Amy Anorexic Prostitue Winehouse.