Monday, March 31, 2008


After many peoples opinions...and our own, we decided to wait till he can have rice cereal, so that he will be more full at night when he sleeps, to let him cry it out!! yeah now we can all be happy again:)


Isaura said...

you guys are good parents. i like how you listen to advice, but make your own decisions. i think he'll be ok ;) but when you guys visit you will have to let me party with him at 2:30. I'll probably still be awake anyway

Steve and Ismari said...

OOOOOhhh good. He is so little still. It will get better I promise. Especially when you can feed him things that will keep that big ol' boys little belly happier, longer. It definately gets better.

Then as he gets bigger you can show him the tough love again. I'm sorry BroBro, but one day you are going to have to STAY asleep in your OWN bed!.......I love you though!

:) lovsies - tia Ismari

RUBEN & ALICIA said...

next time you make a decision as parents i will only charge $75 an hour for legal advice.