Monday, March 31, 2008

How do they do it?

So a while back I bought some liquid eyeliner. I thought it looked good on girls that wore it properly. I tried putting it on and it was ridiculously hard! so I gave up and threw it in my pile of eyeliner drawer...(yes I have a drawer with just eyeliners, I am obsessed with make up) Then last week I was watching my fav show "The Hills" and I saw Lauren putting on liquid eyeliner with such ease, I thought, I ought to try that again and take my time. So today I tried it again, but I looked like an idiot. I looked like a little seventh grade girl trying to put on makeup for the first time! Or I was trying to put it on while flying a jet plane! so I don't really care to wash it off and start over again so I am off to run some errands looking like Tammy Faye :)
ps. at least the eyeliner covers up the clump of missing eye lashes that I ripped off with my eyelash curler.


After many peoples opinions...and our own, we decided to wait till he can have rice cereal, so that he will be more full at night when he sleeps, to let him cry it out!! yeah now we can all be happy again:)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tough Love

Brody went to the doctor yesterday, and while we were there Brad asked him when would be a good time to start letting him cry through the night. The dr. said now is a good time. So Brad said that that night I couldn't go get him when he started crying and that I had to let him cry. I wasn't sure if I was ready for that yet. I look foward to my little guy wanting me in the night, we party :) So during the day brad kept teasing him and I saying stuff like" You in for it tonight Brody" and if he would fuss he would say " you're just warming up for tonight" Finally at night we fell asleep and then baby started crying at 1:46 and didn't stop till 4:03!!!! the whole time while Brad was fast asleep snoring, I was biting my nails, shaking my leg, twirling my hair and tossing and turning!! I couldn't take it that my baby was soooo upset I wanted to run in and tell him "I'm here!!" I went in to check on him and he was kicking so hard that he scooted himself over one foot up in the crib and his sheets were all wrapped under him :( Even after he fell asleep I still couldn't sleep cause I felt bad. When he woke up at seven I ran in there and was so happy to get him, but he didn't look at me when he ate, so I think he was mad at me, even though it was his dad's idea. So we'll see what happens tonight again and how long it'll take this time.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

10 reasons why I dig Brody Bowman

10. When he cries he sounds like a baby jaguar
9. He always punches himself in the face with his uncontrolable fists
8. He always looks so serious
7. He farts in his sleep like his dad
6. He cuddles me when we take showers
5. He pulls my hair like two horse reins
4. When I smile at him he smiles back and coos
3. He looks longingly at me when he romantic
2. He has starring contests with his toy giraffe in his car seat. (see picture below of toy giraffe)
1. He is just sooo stinkin' cute and he looks just like Brad

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hoppy Easter!

Isaac, Maile & Brody chillaxin'
Abuelita checking out Brody in his car seat at Wal-Mart Brody saying"What the.... lady!"

So for spring break mama, Ismari, Isaac and Maile came for a couple of days and it was sooo fun to have them here to play and visit. Isaac and Maile loved playing outside by the pond and he even built a "bridge" across one of the ponds. Everyone loveddddd Baby Brody they were holding him, talking to him and playing with him. Mrs. Ismari even got him a cute little outfit for easter, he looked like a deacon ready to pass the sacrament, but Brad said no he needed a white shirt and tie.

Easter baby

Abuelita and Brody

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Heck Yes !

So my sister Isaura and her husband Marc are in NYC right now..Lucky (just like Napolean Dynamite says it) I asked her a while ago if she would pick me up a knock off Chanel purse and she agreed. As the trip neared I didn't remember if I asked her or not, but I didn't want to bug so I just left it alone. But being the bomb sister that she is they hit up canal st. where they have all of the knock off stuff and got me one !! She said it was pretty funny, little asian men secretly user you into these 8x4 rooms with all these ladies swarming around. Even though it is last season and now small clutches are in I don't care. more reason for people to think its real and I got it on sale:) I wish I was rich to buy a real one but even if I was I probably wouldn't. The closest I have been to buying designer wear is some DIOR mascara from Sephora, and I must say even their mascara was awesome...and expensive, but that was in my single days when I considered all my money disposable income. speaking of rich, the kid that invented Facebook is a billioraire, yes I said kid, he's the youngest billionaire...get off the internet kid!! ARGH

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today baby gave me his first REAL gummy smile. It was so cute, earlier he was on my bed smiling, but he always smiles off into space or in his sleep but never at any one, and then I was changing his diaper and he just started smiling at me when I was talking to him, so I snached my camera and shot this cute pic!!

Happy Birthday Yadon.

Today is my little nephew's 3rd birthday and we celebrated it this weekend with a Thomas the Train party. He was sooooo excited to have his friends and family over. He loved sitting on his Thomas throne to open his gifts. After the party was over he said." I want another birthday party" well I guess you'll have to wait till next year!

This party pooper was sleepy

Friday, March 7, 2008

So long PITO...

Yet again we have lost another dog. I think I am cursed because ever since I was little ALL my dogs have died before their time, either being hit by cars or just plain running away, probably because we sucked as owners. I never bathed, fed, played with them, let alone take them to the vet! ..kinda like now. Poor Sampson is a survivor (my mom says) Its true he has gone through two brothers. He was kinda sad at first, but now I think he is over it like the rest of us. Here is Brody wearing his "Pito" shirt, in memory, RIP. by the way we think he got eaten by a bobcat or ate some rat poison in the barn, because nobody would steal him.

So in an effort to save a few bucks I bought these diapers and baby wipes at WAL-mart called "parents choice". Never again will I buy this brand, they are so cheap they only hold one peepee and the rest leaks every where!!! I am OCD about wasting stuff, so I can't throw them away, so I just have to change poor Brody's outfits lke 5 times a day. But now I just change his diapy evey hour... here he is getting naked and in his last outfit of the night. These cute pj's his aunt elizabeth got him. He is waving for the camera.

Now that Brody has gotten out of his fussy stage he likes to sit and look around, especially at the lights. Brad enjoys holding him now and their new tradition is they shower together everyday and its cute bc Brods will cuddle up in the shower, and he never does that . If you hold him he is always lifting his head looking around, only once in a blue moon will he lay it on your chest. Here they are working on the computer. Brad is teaching him the ropes he'll one day take over.