Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Amores perros :)

sleeping pup <

There was a fiesta for the spanish branch at my suegritos house, and ALL the kids loved the dogs! for like 4 hours straight, these kids were carrying, cuddling, pulling, feeding and swinging the dogs, and by the end and even before that they were soooo tired!! I've never seen my dogs sleep like this before it was funny:) There was this one little boy john luca, who loved these pups so much he hugged them before he left he was so cute he was only two years old.


Isaura said...

OH MY GOSH, how cuuute!!

Isaura said...

OH YEAH, that's what your going to look like when I'm done with you biotch, on the floor rollin'!! See you in a few weeks. When I meet you your ass is grass. . . and I'm the lawnmower biotch
buster patton

Isaura said...

you just wait until my talons get into the juggular of you and your sorry little brother