Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bad cop! no donut!

SO I had to go to court today to fight my ticket I got!!!! The cop clocked me going 40 in 35!!!! but on the ticket he put 40 in 25mph. So Brad and I took pictures, and drew a map of the street that I got pulled over on, because its not till after he clocked me that it turns 25 mph. But anyways he lied and said that he was parked in a place he wasn't. So it was my word against his, the judge was very nice and said my ticket would be dissmissed if I didn't get a ticket for 90 days. But still had to pay the $139 fee ;( I was mad but whatever. I wish there was more stuff I could have said but I get nervous and forget. But at least I wasn't there like everyone else for drugs and alcohol! it was funny the City attorney said "well some of you can have your tickets dissmissed...let's see... Yvette Bowman...and....well..that's it, just Yvette Bowman." That made me feel good I guess, that i'm not a big loser:)


Isaura said...

HAHA that's funny eva!! You should have told them you were pregnant and they would have waved the fees> I just finished all my defensive driving and crap that is due on Monday and then we go to Belize on WEDNESDAY! PARTY


you shouldhave hired me. i would have worked for Jamba juices and gotten oyu out of it all jigga