Sunday, June 3, 2007

Babies, babies and more babies!!!

Brad was soooo excited he has been wanting dogs for some time and finally his dream came tru this weekend!! Our little nephews came in town and Brad took them to help him pick out two doggies! He promised Braden that he could name one, so he named it scooby doo, but Brad said that he wasn't sure if the dog would come to Braden if he called him that the next time he came:) Brady wants to name them Pedro and Paco....cute. The whole Bowman clan (except my suegrita and I) went into the Ghetto to buy the little pups...even their little abuelita from good ole' SLC hadn't seen that many colored folk before:) Brad built a pen for them in the barn, but we need to spray it because they get ticks. They love it, they just sleep and lay around in the cool spots. they are only 5 weeks old, but they are chunky. The dad was a big good looking lab and the momma looked good too, so they'll have good genes!

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