Saturday, June 9, 2007

Attn: Bag ladies!

So there is a website called its funny they have all thses pis of different ladies bags and their contents, and alot of them look pretty clean!!! your not suppose to clean it out, thats the purpose. Thats like cleaning your house before the cleaning lady comes!! duh! they say that "ladies purses are a mirror into their souls" very deep!

Eva's Purse Contents:
1. Cell phone
2. 3 jamba cards
3. one single key to my car
4. lip gloss
5. eye drops
6. Ex-doctor's buisness card
7. Ex-doctor appointment reminder buisness card
8. used tissue
9. carmex
10. dinner napkin
11. prenatal vitamins
12. 4 pens
13. bag of cinnamon disks
14. bag of cherry sours
15. lip balm
16. personal car keys
17. 10 index cards
18. wallet
19. sunglasses
20. hair bobby pin
21. USB cord for camera (but no camera?)
22. walmart and doctor reciepts
23. small notebook
24. tithing slip
25. reciept for massage clinic
26. tic tacs
27. massage coupon
28. hair pick
29. empty Hello Kitty coin purse
30. used towel
31. gum wrappers
32. 4 hair clips
33. Maile's blue hair clip
34. 2 small hair combs
35. lab results card
36. old bead bracelet
37. dirty tissues
38. soft lips
39. library card
40. pencil
41. brad's extra car keys



I'll take the Jamba Cards

Izzy and Steve said...

I all ready started a Trash-Can Purse contest on my Blog EVa!! And I didn't even know about the Bag Ladies website. Take a look...because I think you might be the winner, so far, with so much trash in your purse...

Game stealer! he he

Love you - Izzy