Friday, June 29, 2007

80's Lacoste Brad

My suegrita was organizing pictures of all her kids and I was looking through brad's pics and they were all so cute. He has the same cute smile and little cowlick in the front of his hair still. I also thought it was funny because I guess the LACOSTE brand was popular and cheap back then because alot of people's pics from the 80's show them wearing the alligator shirts:) I know mom ...well daddy wouldn't cash out that much money. K-mart bargin bins were more their style. now they are like $120 for a Lacoste bad:)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bad cop! no donut!

SO I had to go to court today to fight my ticket I got!!!! The cop clocked me going 40 in 35!!!! but on the ticket he put 40 in 25mph. So Brad and I took pictures, and drew a map of the street that I got pulled over on, because its not till after he clocked me that it turns 25 mph. But anyways he lied and said that he was parked in a place he wasn't. So it was my word against his, the judge was very nice and said my ticket would be dissmissed if I didn't get a ticket for 90 days. But still had to pay the $139 fee ;( I was mad but whatever. I wish there was more stuff I could have said but I get nervous and forget. But at least I wasn't there like everyone else for drugs and alcohol! it was funny the City attorney said "well some of you can have your tickets dissmissed...let's see... Yvette Bowman...and....well..that's it, just Yvette Bowman." That made me feel good I guess, that i'm not a big loser:)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eat your brussels sprouts Mr. snuffoluffogous!!

I'm glad someone is getting a good use out of my garden. I thought it was my deer but its my DOGS!! I came home one day and the dogs greeted me with yellow stuff all over their snouts, I thought what is that?? I looked on the table and I noticed Brad picked up some veggies from my garden, and then I see these yellow squash sitting in the yard and i go to look and I see its half eaten squash!!! how funny. The next morning I looked out and I saw the black dog Paco running away from my garden with a radish hanging out of his mouth! it was so funny, but i didn't have my camera!

Amores perros :)

sleeping pup <

There was a fiesta for the spanish branch at my suegritos house, and ALL the kids loved the dogs! for like 4 hours straight, these kids were carrying, cuddling, pulling, feeding and swinging the dogs, and by the end and even before that they were soooo tired!! I've never seen my dogs sleep like this before it was funny:) There was this one little boy john luca, who loved these pups so much he hugged them before he left he was so cute he was only two years old.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our baby's first picture!

click to enlarge
So we went to get an ultrasound yesterday and i was a little nervous because she didn't do a belly one because she couldn't see so she had to go through the other door :) That's another funny story that's to funny for TV. Anyways we got to see its little heart beating it seemed fake but its was so sweet. Brad got scared of "it's beady little eyes" you can kind of see them at top of the 'crescent' We were so excited to know that the baby was OK. I'm about 8 weeks but the baby is only 5 cm. big, so he/she is just a little guy!!! my new due date is January 24....I think is abuelita arredondo's b-day too... so we'll see.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Attn: Bag ladies!

So there is a website called its funny they have all thses pis of different ladies bags and their contents, and alot of them look pretty clean!!! your not suppose to clean it out, thats the purpose. Thats like cleaning your house before the cleaning lady comes!! duh! they say that "ladies purses are a mirror into their souls" very deep!

Eva's Purse Contents:
1. Cell phone
2. 3 jamba cards
3. one single key to my car
4. lip gloss
5. eye drops
6. Ex-doctor's buisness card
7. Ex-doctor appointment reminder buisness card
8. used tissue
9. carmex
10. dinner napkin
11. prenatal vitamins
12. 4 pens
13. bag of cinnamon disks
14. bag of cherry sours
15. lip balm
16. personal car keys
17. 10 index cards
18. wallet
19. sunglasses
20. hair bobby pin
21. USB cord for camera (but no camera?)
22. walmart and doctor reciepts
23. small notebook
24. tithing slip
25. reciept for massage clinic
26. tic tacs
27. massage coupon
28. hair pick
29. empty Hello Kitty coin purse
30. used towel
31. gum wrappers
32. 4 hair clips
33. Maile's blue hair clip
34. 2 small hair combs
35. lab results card
36. old bead bracelet
37. dirty tissues
38. soft lips
39. library card
40. pencil
41. brad's extra car keys

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Babies, babies and more babies!!!

Brad was soooo excited he has been wanting dogs for some time and finally his dream came tru this weekend!! Our little nephews came in town and Brad took them to help him pick out two doggies! He promised Braden that he could name one, so he named it scooby doo, but Brad said that he wasn't sure if the dog would come to Braden if he called him that the next time he came:) Brady wants to name them Pedro and Paco....cute. The whole Bowman clan (except my suegrita and I) went into the Ghetto to buy the little pups...even their little abuelita from good ole' SLC hadn't seen that many colored folk before:) Brad built a pen for them in the barn, but we need to spray it because they get ticks. They love it, they just sleep and lay around in the cool spots. they are only 5 weeks old, but they are chunky. The dad was a big good looking lab and the momma looked good too, so they'll have good genes!